We have been working for this sector for more than 30 years, adapting to its trends and to the changes that the market has been having over time.

We know it very well, so we have many resources to offer you to advise you and help you become more competitive.


Enhances, accompanies and complements the garment providing added value. They can be hung or placed on the collar of the garment.

They can be made of cardboard, cotton, serigraphed, printed, glued, etc. Or if you prefer leather collar, embroidered, woven, high definition, tubular, tybex, satin, taffeta, etc..


The presentation is very important for the sale of the garment. In this section we would include the gift cases, promotional, simple case and display pack.

They can be made in any type of material, they can be special cardboards, in microchannel, lined, auto-mountable, etc. It can be complemented with a finish in matt, gloss, serigraphy, special inks, printed or with special varnish.


We have all types of bags that adapt to any type of product that need to contain. For those who are looking for a more worked bag we have luxury bags with handles of cord, plasticized and even with stamping gold or silver that give a quality character to the height of the product to be sold.


Help to give visibility to the buyer the product we are offering either with a photograph of it or only with our brand to strengthen the consumer..