It is one of the sectors with the greatest potential for the future thanks to innovation and technology.

It has always had a strong innovative component thanks to the design that is in constant variation, everything and being a sector with a strong traditional character, which makes it very competitive.

For this reason, due to our experience in the sector, we try to be in constant connection with the demands of the market and offering the most competitive solution.


Es un elemento muy importante para facilitar la venta del producto. Presentan el producto y complementan su imagen. Hablamos de cajas de microcanal, en forma de estuche, de tapa y fondo, cajas forradas, automontables y tipo maletín.


We have all types of bags that adapt to any type of product that need to contain. For those who are looking for a more worked bag we have luxury bags with cord handles, plasticized and even with gold or silver stamping that give a quality character to the height of the product to be sold.


They provide added value and help to complement the visible attributes of shoe making. They can be labels made of special cardboard, microinjection, rubber, silicone, leather prints, engravings, etc.


Advertising element of custom shape and size, located at the point of sale on counters, shelves or shop windows. They can be simple with pedestal, double, lined in cardboard, engraved in wood, honeycomb, exhibitors, leaflet and catalogue holders, product exhibitors, etc..

Brochure y catalogues

It is a fundamental element to promote your products. It reaches the consumer directly. They are economical, versatile and impressive. They can be promotional, product, company and advertising. With different types of finish, matt, special varnish or gloss. Delivered bound, glued, stapled or as required.