Creative Recycling

Sustainability is everyone's job. It is our responsibility.

+ Reinvent
+ Reuse : (BiR) 3

We take advantage of the resources at our disposal to create, by means of extinct or forgotten materials, supports for new products: labels, packagings, displays, etc. We provide a touch of fresh air through the creativity of our creative department. We use creativity to generate new uses with totally sustainable products.
We believe that with this we are doing our bit to help reduce the need for new raw materials to create new products, helping to create a more sustainable world for everyone.

We'll help you redesign by planting new ideas to promote yourself. If you want to be part of our space GREEN, contact us.

How about handing out a business card that becomes a future tomato plant? Or planting a flyer in a flowerpot and having a chamomile plant appear in a few days?
How do you see it if we take advantage of the street advertising canvas to make the labels of your garments are unique.

At Brintel we experiment with different materials to find novel and original solutions to your promotional demands.