Food uses multiple elements for the presentation of products, there are some types of products that have always been sold presented in boxes or any type of packaging because the consumer required it. But nowadays, in the search for differentiation from the competition, even the foods that need it the least are being presented in printed packages or with cardboard tabs as this allows the brand to be seen more and gives it a more exclusive character as the so-called gourmet products.

It is also true that it is increasingly necessary to sell very elaborate products which require that you explain the specific origin or special processing that has been given to get that special flavor to the product in question. For this reason we are increasingly forced to design and develop specific packaging for each type of product.


This product has always been used in many foods but in recent years is also being used to highlight the qualities and exclusivity of the product at the point of sale.


We have all types of bags that adapt to any type of product that need to contain. For those who are looking for a more worked bag we have luxury bags with cord handles, plasticized and even with gold or silver stamping that give a quality character to the height of the product to be sold.


They add value and help to complement the visible manufacturing attributes of the product.


Ayudan a dar visibilidad al comprador el producto que le estamos ofreciendo sea con una fotografía del mismo o solamente con la nuestra marca para reforzar al consumidor.

Brochures and catalogues

Paper supports such as folds, triptychs or catalogues serve as a gallery of the products we want to offer. One of the great advantages is that the consumer has all the necessary information and can explain the products that do not know and that may be of interest. In addition to all this, it may take it home and become an advertisement in the kitchen of our buyer where multiple consumers will have access. Translated with


All these elements accompany us in the sale and consumption of the product, these help to brand recognition and as the case may be to inform the specifications or qualities of the product. There are countless elements that can accompany the product we are selling, it is worth taking advantage of the impact they can have on the buyer.